Message From Dean(Student Welfare)

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

It’s time again when we come together as a community to organize our much-anticipated annual function, Cultural Fest – Madhuram 2023. I am deeply impressed with your unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for this extraordinary event.

Our Cultural Fest is more than a gathering; it serves as a canvas wherein your creativity, talent, and passion combined together shine brilliantly. I encourage you to fully avail of this opportunity, foster collaboration with your fellow students, and let your creative spirit soar.

Let’s work together, to make Madhuram 2023 an impressive celebration of combining our talents, culture, and unity. Your enthusiasm and dedication would be the driving force behind the success of this event. Believe in yourselves and the power of collaboration, which certainly be a key to make this year’s Cultural Fest-the best one yet.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Dean (Student Welfare)