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A Magnificent Celebration of Diversity, Talent, and Togetherness


Established in 1991, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET) embarked on a journey towards technical excellence since its establishment. It is recognized as deemed to be university with a 451-acre lush green campus and a distinguished faculty.

SLIET offers Multi entry and exit academic programs, NBA accredited courses & NAAC A grade accredited with a serene academic environment with extensive facilities to foster the growth of individuals. It also provides an extensive platform through several clubs and societies for the personality development & upskilling of students. For more information visit us: www.sliet.ac.in

About Madhuram

25+ Events

700+ Participations

10000+ People Witnessed it

Nestled in the heart of Punjab, SLIET Longowal is renowned for hosting one of the most vibrant and culturally enriching festivals in the state – Madhuram!

Imagine a place where tradition meets innovation, where the beats of folk music harmonize with the rhythms of contemporary dance, where the aroma of local cuisines mingles with the colors of artistry. That’s Madhuram for you! It’s a carnival of diversity, where every participant brings a unique flavor to the grand cultural potluck.


Multifaceted Artistic Performances


Over 400 Student Participants


Attracts 7,000+ Attendees

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A Magnificent Celebration of Diversity, Talent, and Togetherness