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Dr. Shailendra Kumar Jain, Director, SLIET

It’s with great pleasure and pride I’m welcoming the 2022 edition of our joyful cultural fest, Madhuram. It’s an honour to be a part of the biggest event of SLIET family.

Madhuram has always been about our talented students taking the spotlight. That’s why, it heartens me to see this year’s theme to be “Sangam Hunar Ka”, The Confluence of Talent. And what a confluence it shall be, for SLIET has no dearth of talent amidst its multicultural body of students. It is for and because of them that Madhuram exists.

With many avenues like singing, dancing, acting, photography, Madhuram 2k22 will surely bring out the best in every SLIETian. I pray to the Almighty for your unprecedented success with this endeavor you have undertaken.

Let every breath you take from now on be filled solely with the talent that shall overpower our SLIET.

With love,
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Jain

Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Chairman, Cultural Committee

I’m elated to be presenting everyone with SLIET’s biggest festival, Madhuram.

I’ve always loved chances like these. So much human potential comes forth, like a raring wellspring bursting out of the stable earth during these times. Passion, determination, willpower, all these penultimate human qualities are at the fore, whenever an event of this magnitude is involved.

I’m delighted to say that SLIET has an abundance of students who can rise up to these challenges and embody all these qualities. Madhuram 2k22 will be a celebration of talent, as evident from our slogan “Sangam Hunar Ka”, A Confluence of Talent, and I’m sure that all of the talent we have will flow throughout the fest and live beyond it.

I wish you the best for what’s to come. May every one of you take away the memories of the chances that show your talent from Madhuram 2k22.

With love,
Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Dean, Student Welfare, SLIET

It fills my soul with joy to welcome SLIET’s cultural fest, Madhuram 2k22. It’s always an honour to be a part of such a grand celebration, and it’s an honour to be a part of this celebration of talent.

This year, we’re celerating the talent of every SLIETian. “Sangam Hunar Ka”, The Confluence of Talent, is our slogan and our theme, and nothing better can be selected as a theme. With our immensely diverse diaspora of students from all over India, we boast of a pool of talent that’s hard to replicate. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what these talented youngsters have in store for us. With so many events being organised, it will surely be a sight to behold.

I extend my warmest welcome to everyone who is and will be a part of this grand celebration of talent. May you achieve all the success you desire.

With love,
Prof. Rajesh Kumar

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